Let’s talk about why we are here

About the passion behind Tony Choy Music

Our driven force is aiming to facilitate the artist with advantages.

Just being an artist, to encourage not discourage, to elevate not manipulate, to bring the best out of them not exploit them.

Organic nature is our goal, being in the Business for 32 years and recording my first album when I was 17 years young I hardly knew how to play my instrument and hardly a pro at what i did so I thought, which my life long fans would tell you different since my first 2 albums were of bands like Atheist - Unquestionable Presence one of the most iconic albums of the Progressive Metal.

Genre which at its time did not even have a name it was just referred to as Death Metal, later on after 15 years of being ridiculed and literally laugh at that fans and other Metal listeners started calling it Progressive Metal or Brain Metal, Math Metal. So many names but to me I knew from the day that I started writing towards this music that I had alongside musicians like

To name a few that we had created a new genre of music. 25 years later you have bands like:


and tons right along that line.


Julio Iglesias

Juan Gabriel
Por los siglos



Don’t forget where you came from nothing just happens.
It is born from something, that said here at Tony Choy Music we are a platform of recording, music production, full artist development by an artist for an artist.


We give you commitment and you give us yours.



Driven by Passion


A team fully capable of making the artist who they were intended to be we work together to stay together.
With almost 55 releases to date as an artist my self, musician, song writer or music producer, I am an entrepreneur waiting for the next potential music sensation.


We have no boundaries or genre of preference if your great we will cultivate you.


It’s all about the Artist and the Music


Pestilence - Resurrection Macabre